The Mindfulness course opened my mind to the benefits that meditation and mindfulness can have on ourselves, our familiy and friends and the impact on our wider society. It has made me think more about how we get stuck in patterns of behaviour that can be unhelpful and how coming back to the breath and focussing our attention enables us to have a choice over how we react and how having a choice leads to a more positive outcome.
- Ceri.
Amber is a skilled and sensitive mindfulness teacher - and an inspirational example in her own application of the practise. I would highly recommend joining her courses.
-EH Freelancer Broadcaster
‘mindfulness is simply being aware of what is happening right now without wishing it were different; enjoying the pleasant without holding on when it changes (which it will); being with the unpleasant without fearing it will always be this way (which it won’t)’
- James Baraz

I have found the course very valuable for my work and personal life. Amber is an excellent teacher. Learning to take time for myself has already benefitted me and I hope those around me.

-VL. Child Psycologist 

Thank you Amber for your time, encouragement and gentleness and wisdom. I have been blessed by your involvement at a difficult time in my life.

-SB, Training Manager 

I found this course has helped me to cope better with stressful situations I was experiencing at work, and Amber’s soothing and insightful teaching meant I looked forward to our Monday class.

-Paul – Company Director.

Excellant Course. Amber is a great teacher. I feel much more able to enjoy my life in the moment rather than constantly in the future. It teaches you to accept life as it is.                                           - Jacqui - Company Director

I would highly recommend Amber's mindfulness course. It helped me focus on taking time out for myself which, with practice, I hope will be of long term benefit both mentally and physically.

-Lindsay – Artist 

Amber has shared her wisdom of Mindfulness with me in a kind and supportive way. I feel empowered to go on and explore more. Life Changing. Thank you.                                                                                               - Sam

Amber's ability to guide us on our journey of discovery made this mindfulness course the most enlightening I have ever been on. Her gentle and thoughtful nature allowed us to self discover with no criticism and trust.

 -Dr MB - Child and Parent Coach . 

I have found the course very helpful in providing me with ways to be more aware of myself and my reactions to stress, enabling me to be calmer and more relaxed. Thank you.

-Sarah – Midwife

Amber's course on mindful meditation has had a deep and fundamental impact on me.  It has given me the head space and time to re-evaluate and re-focus my life.   I feel I was granted a glimpse back into myself as a child... with a clearer view  and a renewed sense of excitement, adventure and purpose.   Practising being kind to oneself is difficult and takes time, but it lightens and brightens life for you and those around you.  Mindful meditation has become, and I hope will continue to be, a life enhancing experience for me.  I would recommend this practice and urge you to trust yourself to Amber's care.  I believe that this is a vocation for Amber, and she makes the journey so enriching.

-Sue - IT Manager 

Amber is a wonderful guide to mindfulness whether you want to enhance your existing practise or whether you are a complete beginner. She made the whole MBSR experience a real joy and her continual support and encouragement along the way invaluable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her as a tutor.

-Tina Campbell - Director The Flourishing Business

At the start I didn't know what to expect and by the end of your eight week course I felt I had come a long way and achieved a great deal. The classes were enjoyable and the teaching and guidance was helpful and delivered in a gentle way - I always felt better after one of Amber's classes, and after the retreat day (which I wasn't particularly looking forward to as it ate up a precious day of the weekend) I was on cloud nine. Keeping up the practice on my own has been harder than I thought at times and I very much appreciate the ongoing support I get. I will thoroughly recommend the eight week course to others, it has been worth every penny and as a bonus I met some very nice people as well! A sincere thanks very much to you Amber for your excellent teaching of the mindfulness course.

-Jenny - Insurance Broker 

Though my resistance showed up in various disguises, this course, and Amber's consistency were extremely skilled at delivering a really beautiful new way of being and it has changed my life.

-Davina - Counsellor.

Mindfulness Wiltshire

Amber Skyring is trained to teach:
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
MBCT - Ca  (Mindfulness for Cancer)
MISP Teacher (Mindfulness in Schools)
Finding Peace in a Frantic World