Gifted Free Places
Gifted free places are offered on the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 8 week course for those who are experiencing financial difficulty. If you feel the course would be of benefit to you but due to financial hardship you cannot afford the fees, then Jacqui Mann Associates are ‘gifting’ 5 free places a year for participants. 

Here is why Jacqui Mann  is offering these gifted places:

‘During the last 12 months I have been through a life changing experience.  Like many business owners I’m a control freak, this was something I couldn’t control. I didn’t know how I was going to get through this difficult time in my life. Then I discovered Mindfulness.
Mindfulness helps people find ways to work with the challenges life delivers to them.  I attended Ambers 8 week course and it has completely changed my life. It helped me accept what was happening and learn to live in the present instead of living in the future.
As a business owner I believe it’s important for a business to give something back to their community.  I realised that many people would benefit from the course like I did, but may not have the finances to pay for it.  By gifting these places I hope it will help others experience the benefits of Mindfulness, enhance their life and live in the present.

For  more information on Jacqui Mann Associates please visit their website:

Places are offered to residents living in Wiltshire/Hampshire or Dorset.
To be eligible for a free place you need to:
  • be a resident in one of the counties listed above
  • struggling  to manage stress and anxiety and are willing to explore developing new skills to increase well-being and personal resilience
  • experiencing some form of financial hardship: living with a chronic illness or disability; unemployed; on low income or a Carer.
  • Between 18-80 years old.
  • Can access transport to attend all the 8 sessions (2.5hrs a week)  and the all day practice day in Salisbury
  •  Willing to commit to the daily practice
Please make contact via our contact page or please feel free to call for chat. Each applicant will need to complete a booking form and questionnaire.
Each applicant for these free places will be assessed to ensure the applicant meets the criteria and is able to attend the whole course. Please note that this course is not suitable for those who are currently experiencing depression, or have recently been through a trauma or significant life event. Each applicant applying for a place will be contacted.

If requests for gifted places are high we may need to ask you to go on a waiting list. 

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
MBCT - Ca  (Mindfulness for Cancer)
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