Mindfulness In Schools ( MiSP)

Amber Skyring has trained with the MiSP and can deliver the following courses to schools and their staff. For more information please use the contact form or call.

Course Descriptions

.b (for ages 11-18)

.b is a set of ten lessons, each teaching a distinct mindfulness skill and designed to do so in a way which engages young minds. The lessons typically include a brief presentation by the teacher with the help of lively, pupil- friendly visuals, film and sound images, a student workbook and practical exercises and demonstrations to make the ideas vivid and relevant to their lives. More information. The ten lessons:
'Mindfulness or meditation has been shown to be an invaluable tool to help bolster young people’s resilience to psychological stress. It also boosts concentration, depth of thought, happiness and achievement."
Mr Law - Liberal Democratic Dept. Education

Taster Session for Staff or Parents:

An Introduction to Mindfulness

The taster is a carefully crafted 90 minute session which introduces the basic principles behind mindfulness. It serves to dispel any myths about it and also offers a chance to try out the practice. The proven benefits of engaging with mindfulness are set out, along with the proviso that commitment and patience are required to feel the benefits of practice. The session includes suggestions for those wishing to explore mindfulness further, including an introduction to the .b Foundations training.

.b Foundations 

(for adults in the school community)

.b Foundations is an 8-week training designed specifically for teachers and adults in the school community who wish to learn the foundations of mindfulness. The course is primarily for adults to develop their own mindfulness practice and enhance their own wellbeing. However it would also enable participants who develop a practice to qualify for further training in order to teach .b (for ages 11-18) or Paws b (for ages 7-11) to young people.

More information: https://mindfulnessinschools.org/courses/b-foundations/
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Mindfulness Wiltshire

Amber Skyring is trained to teach:
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
MBCT - Ca  (Mindfulness for Cancer)
MISP Teacher (Mindfulness in Schools)
Finding Peace in a Frantic World